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        About us

        Located at the most southern part of Mainland—a beautiful coastal city named Zhanjiang, ZHANJIANG YANGMING CLEANING PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is a globally oriented manufacturer and trading combo, specialized in professional cleaning supplies.

        Through the accumulation of the past 15 years, since we engaged in the business of supplying cleaning products, we have been not only familiar with the domestic situation of related industry, but also has unique insight in the future development. We adhere to the principles of “Keep making innovation and putting the customers first” in our regular operation. In addition, for the sake of improving the craft, we have been learning the latest technology in related industry frequently. During the management in the past few years, we have been always sticking to the faith “Quality and honesty come first.” As a result, we have got good reputation and have been developing rapidly both in scale and business performance.

        Our scope of business covers Mop Bucket, Trash Bin, Hotel Cart, Caution Board, Soap Dispenser, Paper Dispenser, Mop, Tools, Glass Racks,

        Cleaning Equipment, and so on. We have many a client in Americas, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and Asia.

        Every inquiry will be the support for us and soonest reply can be got by you. Hope to be the best partner for you to choose.


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Lakita Lai

        Phone: 13726909232

        Tel: 0086-759-2863183

        Email: lakita@ymclean.com

        Add: B1104, Yinlong Plaza, No. 35 Leshan Road East, ETDZ, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China. 524011